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U.S. Oil

U.S. Oil is an industry leader in the distribution, marketing, trading, and operations of fuel and renewable energy products in the United States and Canada. 

  • Vertical Integration

    U.S. Oil responds better than narrowly-focused jobbers and faster than siloed corporations using their terminal assets, transportation logistics, commodity and supply trading teams, in addition to wholesale, commercial, and retail marketing capabilities.  

  • Organizational Culture

    U.S. Oil hires and cultivates people who reinforce our family values and an entrepreneurial spirit by taking calculated risks, communicating, and acting like business owners.

  • Flexibility and Customization

    Customers across the United States enjoy a competitive edge when partnering with U.S. Oil and U.S. Petroleum Equipment because of our ability to develop creative and often unconventional solutions to their needs.

  • Commitment to Improvement

    U.S. Oil utilizes data scientists and primary research to mine for insights and develop predictive analytics that improve our programs and services.


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owned and operated terminals with nearly 8 million barrels of storage.

0+ million

barrels of refined products are transported annually across the country

0 million

gallons a day supplied to over 600 retail site customers in 11 states

0 million

gallons a day of unbranded fuel across 40 states

Consumer ImpactIndustry Integration

U.S. Oil’s diverse customer base reflects their integrated approach within the petroleum industry. U.S. Oil’s ability to leverage the experience of their commodity supply and trading professionals, multimodal logistics (pipeline, barge, rail, and truck) and rack marketing capabilities, executed from owned & third-party terminals, allows them to service and problem solve alongside customers.

  • Success StoryDoing things the right way with great people.

    U.S. Oil’s North Houston terminal operations were able to remain open as Hurricane Laura made landfall allowing the team to continue fulfilling fuel orders while all other nearby terminals were closing down. With safety at the forefront, the team worked together to solve logistical questions, fill fuel orders and meet new customers to make a difference in many of the hard hit communities. Fuel supplied during this time allows emergency personnel, first responders, and hospitals to remain open and is often the only source of fuel for these critical community personnel.

    “The day after the storm, Prime Transports filled up and headed to Lake Charles,” said James Guthery, Manager of Terminal Operations, U.S. Oil Houston. “They said they would ‘do whatever it takes to get there and help those in need.’ It’s not just the gas stations that need fuel during a hurricane. It’s the first responders, the hospitals, emergency personnel. That night, when I was watching the Weather Channel, there they were in the background. They made it to Lake Charles. The story came full circle and it was very rewarding to see them make it there safely and help such a devastated area.”
  • Success StoryTransportation Company Mitigates Risk with a U.S. Oil Fixed Forward Contract

    Fuel price volatility creates uncertainty and stress for you and your business.  Managing that risk is a key driver to partner with someone who understands the petroleum industry.  Through years of experience in trading and risk management, U.S. Oil has a deep understanding of market structure, value drivers, and risk management tools that put the control of fuel pricing back in your hands.

    “Through years of experience in trading and risk management, U.S. Oil has developed an understanding of market structure, value drivers, and risk management tools needed to put control of fuel pricing back in your hands.”
  • Success StoryFueling Successful Partnerships 

    The U.S. Oil formula for success is quite simple. They start with their dependable fuel supply, outstanding relationships with 14 major oil brands, and add in their team’s industry knowledge and devotion to customer service. It’s no surprise that U.S. Oil and their dealers look at their relationships as partnerships that are critical to the success of their business. Convenience store owners are often looking for a partner that can help them with their business goals and our team values owners that want to work hard to ensure the success of their business.

    Ron and Shawn were really impressed with the entire team and what U.S. Oil could offer them. They found it comforting to know U.S. Oil has years of experience and that they were willing to help them throughout the entire process.