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Giving Back


U.S. Venture, Inc. is built on a culture of caring relationships and giving back. Through the U.S. Venture Open, the U.S. Venture/Schmidt Family Foundation and our unique partnership with Victory Community Development Center (VICODEC) in Kenya, we are committed to challenging ourselves and our partners to address the root causes of poverty and improve the quality of life through collaboration and social innovation.

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2020 Philanthropic Impact Visual Graphic


U.S. Venture cares about its team members and the communities in which we do business. We encourage and recognize team members for giving back.

  • Volunteer Program

    The U.S. Venture/Schmidt Family Foundation matches up to $1,000 of any combination of volunteer hours and donations for all team members.

  • Donation Matching

    The U.S. Venture/Schmidt Family Foundation matches up to $1,000 of any combination of donations or volunteer hours for all team members.

  • Volunteer Paid Time Off

    Every team member receives eight hours volunteer paid time-off annually to volunteer for organizations they are passionate about.

  • U.S. Venture Associates Caring Together Fund, Inc.

    A 501(c)3 set up to support our fellow team members and their families when experiencing hardships.

  • Scholarship Program

    U.S. Venture/Schmidt Family Foundation awards up to $30,000 in college scholarships to children of team members.


Read how team members tap into their passion for helping others.

  • Camp Counselor

    Camp Counselor

    Camp Counselor

    Kevin "Goose" Kesler - Driver, U.S. AutoForce Appleton, WI

    Goose will tell you that he just likes to make sure everyone is where they need to be, but it’s much more than that. Every September, he volunteers one weekend at Camp American Legion in Lake Tomahawk, WI, for diabetic veterans who are learning how to understand and manage their disease. Goose, a veteran himself, does everything from teaching lessons about healthy habits to organizing physical activities like Tai Chi, stretching exercises and even fishing trips.

  • Empowering Women

    Empowering Women

    Empowering Women

    Kenneth Wright, Damar Madison-Clay, Marcus Burgess - Drivers, U.S. AutoForce Bridgeton, MO

    Kenneth, DaMar and Marcus are truck drivers with U.S. AutoForce, so it was a natural fit when they were approached about volunteering to drive the MOXI Traveling Boutique – a mobile fashion truck that brings suits to women who have limited or no access to transportation in the St. Louis and Kansas City Metro area. All three men volunteer a few times every month and believe that while they’re delivering outfits for women to wear for a job interview, what they’re really delivering are smiles and confidence. “Driving for this company means a lot to me because it’s allowing me to give back and help others,” says Kenneth. “It’s important to show my kids that it’s important to help those who might not have the ability to help themselves.”

  • Financial Guidance

    Financial Guidance

    Financial Guidance

    Judy Engen-Pazdera - Divisional Controller, U.S. Oil Appleton, WI

    Judy knew she needed to fill her time with something new and dfferent after her youngest daughter left for college a few years ago. So when a seat opened up on the board at Rebuilding Together Fox Valley, Judy stepped in. She currently serves as board treasurer and is proud to be able to share her financial knowledge and skills with the nonprofit!

  • Giving Back to Veterans

    Giving Back to Veterans

    Giving Back to Veterans

    Amy Crozier Credit Risk Assistant, U.S. Venture Appleton, WI

    When a team member offered tickets to Amy Crozier and her father, who was a Navy veteran, to attend Warbird Alley at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh four years ago, she had no idea it would lead to a newfound passion for giving back to veterans. Her father passed away a few months after they shared that special experience together, but to keep his legacy alive, Amy volunteers at AirVenture every summer – escorting veterans and sharing in a day of joy honoring our nation’s heroes.

  • Personal Mentor

    Personal Mentor

    Personal Mentor

    Sherry Tinnin - HR Business Partner, U.S. AutoForce Bridgeton, MO

    Suits and ties. Dresses and accessories. A simple gift of new attire for an interview can help set someone on a path to success, which is why Sherry volunteers her time as a personal shopper. She found the Dress for Success program, which is part of the non-profit Connections to Success, as well as mentoring young men and women on personal and professional development. It’s not so much the clothing that makes it fun; it’s the smiles and shared moments with young people who are just looking for a chance to make their mark.

  • Teaching Kids

    Teaching Kids

    Teaching Kids

    Jeff Muellenbach Regional Operations Manager, U.S. Lubricants Valparaiso, IN

    Jeff is passionate about personal finance, and he gets to share his knowledge with youngsters through Junior Achievement. He uses his volunteer paid time off (VPTO) and logs extra hours when he visits with the students five times a year to teach them about business and money. The time Jeff spends with students takes him out of his regular work routine, but the time students spend with him gives them with a break from their normal class work.

  • Volunteer Fire Chief

    Volunteer Fire Chief

    Volunteer Fire Chief

    Mark Green - Pipe Shop Supervisor, U.S. AutoForce Combined Locks, WI

    Mark is on call every hour of every day as a volunteer fire chief. Without the support of U.S. Venture, he wouldn’t be able to fulfi ll his duty. He logs his volunteer hours and dedicates his matching dollars to the fire department where he serves. “The flexibility of being able to leave work for a call when it’s absolutely necessary is a big driver in how I respond to any incident,” he says. “I have the ability to do that, even if it’s just to get on the radio and communicate with my crew.”