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Our Commitment

Finding a Better Way to a more sustainable future.

Sustainability at U.S. Venture is not just a concept, it is a commitment we live every day – embracing our responsibility as global citizens to reduce our carbon footprint and act as good stewards of our natural resources and the environment.

Our view of sustainability includes the way we invest in our team members and customers, operate our businesses, care for our communities, and plan for the future. We celebrate our connection to the global community and our responsibility to future generations that depend upon us “doing the right thing” today, and tomorrow.

Our Commitment to Carbon Neutral By 2024

U.S. Venture is committed to finding a better way to a sustainable future.

Our sustainability journey is rooted in our company’s purpose of Finding a Better Way. To solidify our promise of environmental stewardship, U.S. Venture commits to carbon neutrality of our scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory emissions by the end of 2024, as described below.

A carbon neutral strategy is one in which a company tracks its carbon footprint, typically implements a GHG emissions reduction plan, and then neutralizes the remaining emissions by purchasing carbon credits or Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Looking forward, by the close of 2024, we commit to being carbon neutral for our previous fiscal year’s scope 1 and 2 GHG inventory, meaning we will either eliminate or offset these operational emissions using a combination of direct reductions and market-based mechanisms. For additional details, see the “Greenhouse Gas Emissions” section of our Sustainability Report.

Our growth is fueled by our entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to high performance and innovation, and learning from our successes and failures. Along the way, we take care of things that matter to us most — our customers, our team members, our suppliers, our communities, and the environment. Now, as we look to the future, our long-term sustainability journey is a path not traveled alone. We collaborate with our customers and suppliers, by aiming to partner with them to identify opportunities to reduce scope 3 carbon impact and increase clean energy consumption.

Together, we will continue to seek new, sustainable ways to drive business success while remaining steadfast in our commitment to making the world a better place.

Together, we will continue to seek new, sustainable ways to drive business success while remaining steadfast in our commitment to making the world a better place.

Our Key Sustainability Principles

Advancing Sustainability Through Innovation and Action

By promoting innovation in our internal operations and processes and in the products and services we deliver to partners and customers

Employing Sustainable Thinking

By engaging team members and providing resources, training, and tools that embed sustainable thinking within the business culture and approach

Giving Back to Community

By fostering a caring culture to support quality of life improvements

Investing in a Climate Positive World 

By supporting decarbonization and innovation for the shift to a clean energy future

Stewardship of Resources

By using resources responsibly, striving to conserve and protect resources, and eliminate waste

How We Solve the Challenge

Our Sustainability Solutions can help your organization turn emissions management goals into practical actions that result in achievements you can measure and celebrate.

Sustainability Solutions