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Our Sustainable Future

U.S. Venture is committed to finding a better way to develop a sustainable future that benefits our customers, partners, team members, community, and world.

  • Committed

    We embrace responsible environmental stewardship and promote a culture of energy management and innovation.

  • Engaged

    We work to quantify our emission reductions to measure our progress toward sustainability goals.

  • Collaborative

    Our policy is to cooperate with our customers to identify opportunities to reduce carbon generation, increase clean energy consumption, and commit to environmental sustainability.


The triple bottom line is a performance framework that we have incorporated to help us look beyond just the financials. We know sustainability needs to be integrated in everything we do to help make the world a better place. At U.S. Venture, finding a better way to develop a sustainable future means considering all outcomes that support a positive impact on people and planetary resources along with profitability.

Triple bottom line circles
  • “Organizations that take sustainability seriously have repeatedly shown incremental and transformative results. The nature of our business means we have to work extra hard in our commitment to sustainability. For us, this starts with approaching each decision with environmental awareness. We don’t take this lightly.  Our value of innovation extends from each business unit to tackle unique obstacles as sustainability practices aren’t always a one size fits all solution. Our differentiating value of high performance encourages us to own the challenge and dare to do better.”
    Photo of Iqbal Mian sitting
    Iqbal Mian
    Vice President of Sustainability
  • U.S. Venture is committed to finding a better way to develop a sustainable future. We are discovering ways to live and work more sustainably, making a positive impact on both people and our planet. We are committed to doing our part to make the world a better place and ensure environmental sustainability for generations to come.
    John Scmidt
    President, CEO

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