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Our Culture

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Values That Drive Us

Our success is our people. We live for the pursuit of bold ideas, making a positive impact, and achieving our full potential. Our four differentiating values are at the heart of our company culture, which drives our company purpose — Finding a Better Way.

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We encourage our team members to foster fun, friendship, and compassion in all aspects of the job — with one another, our customers, our vendors, and our community partners.

The desire to make a difference extends well beyond our work and into communities far and wide. Volunteer paid time off and donation matching help our U.S. Venture communities support others with nearly 9,000 volunteer hours each year.

Making a difference, both locally and globally, is an integral part of our culture. Our Kenya Works | VICODEC partnership allows us to support students in Kenya while the money raised at the U.S. Venture Open helps end poverty in Wisconsin. Our work inspires us to find a better way to change the world.

  • See how being involved with Kenya Works | VICODEC has helped Dawn and her family emphasize the importance of caring relationships.

  • See how Todd gives back to his community through his work as an assistant fire chief.

  • See why Melissa’s daughter is her inspiration to give back.

Entrepreneurial SpiritPUSHING THE LIMITS

We lead by taking risks, cultivating ideas, and pushing boundaries to drive change. We inspire our team members to think like business owners, embrace innovation, and believe they can make things better.

Regardless of role or tenure at U.S. Venture, we are always looking for ways to grow our talent and promote from within.

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  • See what motivates Jessy to keep learning, growing, and having fun.

  • See how Lori has embraced our culture of entrepreneurial spirit by pushing the boundaries and using self-growth as a motivator for change.

  • See how Mike demonstrated his entrepreneurial mindset to spearhead building a successful division within the U.S. Venture businesses.

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We seek out and develop team members who are eager to grow professionally. We’re focused on aligning company leaders to strategic business innovation and results and encourage our team members to use a forward-thinking approach to broaden our perspectives and visualize the future.

We’ve built a trusting culture that empowers our team members to think big … driving operational excellence into all aspects of our organization.

  • See how Angela collaborates with other teams at U.S. Venture to use forward-thinking and technology to innovate and dream big.

  • Learn how Sherry challenges herself and her team to use data and strategic foresight to see big results.


We ask our team members to broaden our perspectives, asking “why” and “when” to help us visualize a future-focused road map for our success.

Setting, achieving, and following through with goals is an important part of success. Whether it’s a personal goal or business goal, we’re dedicated to helping our team members grow so we can transform the future together.

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  • Learn how Heather and her team elevate client experiences down to every last detail.

  • We’re a major sponsor of the USA Luge team and we’re darn proud of it. These athletes model high performance through their passion and commitment to the sport — the same way our team members show exceptional achievement in everything they do for our customers and themselves.

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