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Marketing Internship

Skills and responsibilities used to hold this internship position are...

Some skills and responsibilities that are relative to the work in the Marketing department at U.S. Venture, Inc. are to be quick-minded, creative, and innovative. Having prior knowledge of Excel and other Microsoft Suite programs are important in completing work more efficiently.

Past Intern Experiences:

“I have had a multiple projects throughout my time thus far at U.S. Venture, Inc. Some projects have challenged my creative side when being asked to compose and design documents to be sent out to fellow associates, vendors, C-store owners, etc. Another prominent project that I have worked on is creating a mass amount of maps to show data on the U.S. Gain stations and U.S. Oil terminals. In addition to other projects, I have worked on compiling an oil distributor list for all of United States to make the potential prospects process go more efficiently. I was also involved in the renovation of the U.S. Oil website, U.S. Oil Dealer Meeting, and coordinating of associate appreciation events.”– Sam, UW-Oshkosh

Programs used by U.S. Venture, Inc. interns are...

95% of the projects that a Marketing intern completes, are done by using Microsoft Excel and Publisher. Other than the use of Microsoft Suite programs, when creating the maps, the program called, Maptive was essential. Programs such as Constant Contact and InDesign have also assisted in most projects.