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Information Technology Internship

Skills and responsibilities used to hold this internship position are...

Basic programming skills, as well as a knowledge of and passion for how computers work, is a no brainer. So is great communication skills and the willingness to collaborate. You’ll benefit from being a quick learner because most IT work is learned on the job, depending on the projects. Microsoft Excel is used with the majority of IT projects.

Past Intern Experiences:

“The main project I worked on this summer was a ‘Risk Management’ project with our Information Security Analyst. What I did was determine what kind of cyber security threats the company might be vulnerable to. From there, I analyzed all of the company’s systems and what systems might be susceptible to certain threats. Lastly, I determined the amount of loss the company would incur if these cyber security threats were to ever happen, as well as how to mitigate against them.”– Aaron, UW- Eau Claire