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Communications Internship

Skills and responsibilities used to hold this internship position are...

It is imperative to have the skill of creativity, verbally and visually, to hold an internship at U.S. Venture, Inc. Along with creativity, having prior knowledge of film scripting and editing is a skill that will be helpful. Some projects deal with the creation of webpages; therefore, a basic understanding of html and web design is vital.

Past Intern Experiences:

“During my internship with U.S. Venture, Inc. I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of marketing projects. The company recently added new
monitors to the corporate office, as well as twenty warehouse locations, while simultaneously switching their digital signage software. I worked
with the new system, not only to update and edit the content, but also to troubleshoot problems and set up the basic templates and guidelines for
our use of the software. There was a fair amount of time analyzing and reporting website analytics. I used the analytics to determine problems
with our SEO and site functionality. After diagnosing these problems I was also able to solve many of them. I’m currently working on regular site
updates of images and text to keep things fresh and current.”– Alex, UW-Oshkosh

Programs used by U.S. Venture, Inc. interns are...

Most daily task are completed by using the Microsoft Office Suite; these programs assist in completing task more efficiently. The program Industry Weapon was used frequently for projects at U.S. Venture, Inc. because it allowed the corporate office corporate office communicate visual information to off-site warehouses. Dealing with all video related projects, Adobe was the best program for the edits and formation of videos.