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Accounting & Finance Internship

Skills and responsibilities used to hold this internship position are...

In this internship, it is necessary to know how to prioritize the work that is given and always be open to new, challenging projects. A valuable skill is to be proficient with Excel because it is used for almost every project. There are a lot of complex Excel formulas to help speed up the process of our projects. It is also important to obtain strong problem solving skills, as many of the problems we come across are unique situations.

Past Intern Experiences:

“The interns here work on a wide variety of projects. One of the bigger ones I completed was conducting research on real and personal property in each of the states that U.S. Venture, Inc. owns property in. After completing my research, I applied what I found to the list of fixed assets to make sure they were categorized correctly for tax purposes. Due to my research and analysis, I was able to show how U.S. Venture, Inc. can save a significant amount of tax dollars.”–Sara, UW-Oshkosh

“The most notable of projects I have been involved in has been the automation of monthly reporting and the development of a profitability analysis model for delivery routes (one of the most basic reporting units we can get too). Automating accounts in our reporting system, Management Reporter, reduces the room for error, and saves a significant amount of time for any employee attempting to create these reports on a monthly basis. As for the profitability analysis, I have worked closely with one of the accounting managers to track costs and revenue at a level that AutoForce has not done before.”–Alex, UW- Whitewater

“My main project for the summer is to review the Retailer Supply Agreements for US Oil Branded. I have to verify the contract start and end dates and also validate other information from those contracts including the rebate and shortfall information. I am also completing account reconciliations while completing other miscellaneous side projects.” –Nate, St. Norbert College

“One project I worked on is using Excel in order to “automate” the supplier draft reconciliation process in order to reduce the time it takes. Instead of having to manually look at what invoices may be missing, we can now use an Excel formula to reconcile the differences between the supplier’s draft and our payment journal.”–Taylor, UW- Oshkosh

Programs used by U.S. Venture, Inc. interns are...

Aside from using Excel, extensively – especially VBA and macro programming, Vlookup and pivot tables; Microsoft Dynamics AX and Certify are also programs that many Accounting Interns use daily.