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U.S. Venture, Inc. to Donate 600 Pairs of Shoes to Children in Kenya


The company exceeded its giving goal in social media promotion


APPLETON, WI (December 22, 2016) – On December 1, U.S. Venture, Inc. launched a social media promotion on its Facebook page to raise awareness of the company’s unique partnership with Victory Community Development Center (VICODEC) school located in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, which provides food, medicine and education, and empowers its community members to improve their lives.

For every new “like” the U.S. Venture Facebook page received from December 1-16, the company promised to purchase one new pair of shoes for a child attending VICODEC. The response was so great that the number of “likes” exceeded the company’s goal of 600, which would mean one pair of shoes for every child attending VICODEC.

To acknowledge the support of its social following, U.S. Venture decided to take it one step further and also donate $1 for every new the page received beyond 600. The money raised will go toward a child sponsorship ($300) and feeding an additional 8 children for one year ($50 each). The company will update its Facebook following in January 2017 about the child they helped to sponsor.

U.S. Venture is well-known locally for its philanthropic endeavors addressing the root causes of poverty. Every year, the company puts on the U.S. Venture Open – one of the nation’s largest one-day charitable events. The outing raised more than $3.6 million this year, and more than $33 million in 31 years to assist non-profit organizations and programs in Northeast Wisconsin.

But in an effort to support relief beyond our borders, the U.S. Venture/Schmidt Family Foundation partnered with VICODEC 11 years ago. Every two years, U.S. Venture employees have the chance to travel to Kenya. Sherri Gates, service manager with U.S. Oil, a division of U.S. Venture, was one of eight who visited VICODEC earlier this year.

“One of the biggest lessons I learned from the kids at VICODEC is to be thankful for everything, no matter how small,” Gates says. “These kids are some of the most thought-provoking young minds I have ever had the pleasure to be quizzed by, and with help from the education at VICODEC, they will help bring a positive change and brighter future to their country and people.”

U.S. Venture is encouraging community members to share its Facebook page with information about the “likes for shoes” promotion. To learn more about VICODEC and the sponsorship opportunities, visit