Renewable Energy Credits

Organizations are Purchasing Renewable Energy Credits

Companies can’t directly influence the sourcing of the grid electricity they receive. By purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs), they can claim the environmental attributes of renewable energy—enabling progress toward sustainability goals without expenditures on renewable assets.


Decarbonize Grid Electricity by Incentivizing Renewable Energy Projects

A Renewable Energy Credit represents the renewable attribute of 1 MWh of clean electricity produced. Partnering with our team offers several benefits.

  • Certify that electricity was generated by a renewable source
  • Assign a unique identification number to prevent double-counting
  • Enable REC generators to either sell credits or claim the environmental attributes themselves

57% of public companies indicated that data availability and data quality remain their greatest challenge for ESG data disclosure

— Wall Street Journal

Expedite Decarbonization Goals While Allowing for Scalability

RECs represent an excellent solution for organizations who want to lower emissions but don’t have the authority to determine the ultimate source of their grid electricity.

Reduce scope 2 emissions in accordance with GHG Protocol and SBTi guidance

Invest in renewable energy projects without having to purchase and maintain capital-intensive assets

We Can Help Solve for Indirect Emissions

U.S. Venture’s team will work with you to meet any project criteria: obtaining RECs from preferred regional territories and project types that meet CRS and Green-e standards. From there, we handle the rest—identifying, purchasing, and retiring RECs on your behalf.

Our tenured, in-house trading team will secure you the best rates, providing transparency to pricing and structure along the way. For any budgetary or decarbonization goals, we’ll work with you to identify a tailored solution.

Ready to get started?


As we convert our dedicated fleet to run on zero-emission technology, we’ll be able to reduce our transportation footprint by more than 18%, making our sustainability vision possible.

— Scott Blair, Anheuser-Busch

This important and forward-thinking partnership demonstrates our ability to provide our valued customers and communities with sustainable energy solutions and technologies that are environmentally friendly

John Hester, CEO and President of Southwest Gas

This will help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions while saving up to $1.2 million in operating costs.

— M.J. Maynard, CEO of RTC

Eliminating costly purchases and turning fuel consumption into revenue is a perfect example of the creative thinking and problem solving we need in our community.

— Chuck Bennett, Mayor of Salem

This is a win-win for our community because our air will be cleaner and our impact to the global climate system is reduced even further.

—Ian Davidson, Board President of Cherriots

The transition was simple. Not only were we able to use our existing sites, but the process itself was exactly the same. In fact, the only changes were positive. Now we can generate revenue and reinvest it back into our operations.

—Daniel Knauss, Procurement & Contracts Manager at Cherriots

This new partnership builds on our efforts and we’re pleased to not only partner with a firm that shares the same philosophy, but also for the benefits this relationship creates.

—Peter Testa, President at Testa Produce

From initial registration, to quarterly data reporting, to noting changes in fleet composition or charger types, they’ve managed the entire process, enabling me to manage our fleet.

—Brad Uptgraft, Director of Operations at Tire’s Warehouse