Rachael Mbete

Rachael Mbete was born on March 13, 2013, she attends VICODEC School in nursery class. Her favorite subjects are number work and coloring, She likes playing with dolls. Her brother Jones Baraka was born in 2017.

Her parents are Shadrack Mutisya born in 1983 and Abigail Mutinda born in 1990. The father is a casual laborer while her mother is a house wife. She has a small baby, Jones to take care of.

The family of four lives in a single room house built of tin without water or electricity in the Kware slum. The only source of water is buying it. Rachael sleeps on the floor, the family uses charcoal for cooking.

Kware slum is characterized by illicit brewing, insecurity, poor housing and sanitation, unemployment, prostitution and other social problems.