Faith Abigail Mugure

Faith Abigail was born on August 24, 2014, she is three years old and attends VICODEC School in baby class. Her favorite subjects are coloring and number work. She likes playing hide and seek and also playing with toys. Her siblings are Phoebe Joy Nyawira born in 2005 and Lewis lee Kingori schooling in a nearby public school.

Her parents are Paul Nderitu born in 1973 and Florence Wairimu born in 1979. Both work as casual laborers. The parents separated due to family conflicts and Faith currently lives with her mother.

They live in a single room built of tin, without water and the only source of water is buying it. They use charcoal for cooking.

The area is characterized by overpopulation, poor housing and sanitation, insecurity, unemployment and poor drainage, prostitution and illicit brewing and other social problems.